Integrated Green Life-Cycle Management of Waste Oils and Residues
Protecting the Future Today

Collection & Sorting

Waste oils and residues are found both industrial and non-industrial sources where they have been used as fuels or for lubricating, heat transfer, electrical insulating (dielectric), hydraulic or other purposes and whose original characteristics have changed…



The waste oils and residues are derived from tanks, oil-water mixtures and emulsions. This waste includes oil residues, solvents, sludge and mixtures of water and oil. Waste oils and petroleum residues primarily contain hydrocarbons…


Protecting the Future

  • Recovery and reuse of useful products
  • Reduction of the environmental impact from the final disposal and burning of the waste oils and residues.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions due to the non regeneration, or the improper regeneration of waste oils and residues.

Why it concerns you

  • Is related to sea and coastal pollution
  • Environmental management of specific waste stream
  • Examination of technical issues that will play decisive role to the legislation
  • Environmental sound practices on WAPER management

How you can get involved

Register to the mailing list in order to get information on the actions of the project. Take part in Forum Meetings organized within the project framework. If you are waste oils and residues producer you can express your interest in being one of the collection points. Contact u s for more more information.


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