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The ANEK is a Greek company, founded in 1967 aiming to improve maritime transport between Crete and mainland Greece.

Today after more than four decades, the company is a pioneer in the passenger shipping industry of Greece and Adriatic Sea by operating 10 modern passenger vessels, all registered under the Greek flag, certified by the International Security and Quality Systems of ISM, ISPS, ISO and HACCP. By applying the International STCW Convention of 1995 relating to the quality of the crews, ANEK has managed to maintain a leading position in the field of international and domestic shipping.

In 2010, ANEK employed 1.500 employees and carried 2,7 million passengers, 447 thousand cars and 255 thousand trucks. ANEK Group serves more than 50 ports and over 100 destinations in the Aegean, Ionian and Adriatic Sea.

By expanding its commercial network, by creating new maritime routes, by taking advantage of investment opportunities and challenges and by implementing targeted marketing strategies, ANEK activates efficiently and competitively its assets, employees and sales network in Greece and EU.

ANEK, since its foundation and until now has always operated with corporate social responsibility and is an active sponsor of various environmental protection, cultural, sport and charity activities. The company also supports promotion initiatives targeting at the dissemination of the historical character and cultural heritage of Crete and Greece.

ANEK is an associated beneficiary of ELINA project.