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Action 3

Pilot implementation of collection of waste oils and petroleum residues

Action 3.1: Pilot collection of waste oils and petroleum residues

A pilot project will be implemented for the collection of waste oils and petroleum residues at the 166 collection points defined in action 2.3.

Action 3.2: Pilot Demonstration installation for separation at source

A pilot installation project will be set-up by Anek. The mixed wastes that are generated in the machine room and in the fuel storage tanks of vessels where small portions of cleaning water are mixed with petroleum products make them unusable in the engines. As a result, for those wastes to qualify for regeneration, they must be treated and separated at source.

The aim of this task is to set-up an optimal separation at source system on vessels. This will be done to examine the results and increase in quality composition of the wastes produced.

Samples will be taken before the installation to have results prior to installation (action 2.3). New samples will then be taken to compare and the wastes collected trough-out the project period will be collected by Cyclon (task 3.1) and taken for regeneration.