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Action 5

Public Awareness and Communication

Action 5.1: Data-base of relevant stakeholders. Communication with stakeholders for dissemination of the project.

Creating a data-base with all relevant stakeholders in Greece, including contact people and coordinates. The data-base will consist of oil and petroleum product producers, waste oils and petroleum residues producers, port authorities, industries, representatives from local and central authorities, universities, NGOs and the private sector. This data-base will also include relevant European Stakeholders active in this field as well as other related EU project.

Action 5.2: Creation of Website and newsletter

Newsletter containing information’s about the programme and relevant issues is going to be send to the mailing list.


Action 5.3: Press and media campaign

Press releases will be sent out once every 6 months and the press and media will be invited to the conferences. Contact will be made and information will also be provided to the local press where the pilot project activities are taking place with information concerning the local activities and results.

Press Releases

Action 5.4 : Creation of leaflets and posters

Leaflets and posters will be composed and printed with information about the objectives and the actions of the project. Furthermore, the relative data will be disseminated to the stakeholders in order to be informed and also to learn in which way they could participate in the project.

Leaflet & Poster

Action 5.5: 2 Dissemination events

Two dissemination events will be held, one in Italy and one in Greece.

Chania, 3/7/2014

6o Forum & Final Dissemination Event

Action 5.6 : Cooperation with other programs

An investigation will take place towards networking with other EU funded projects with similar content ant their respective beneficiaries. The networking procedure will be focused on the exchange of information the cooperation among relevant stakeholders for supporting the successful completion of each Action.