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Ecological Recycling Society

Ecological Recycling SocietyFor the Ecological Recycling Society’s website please visit: www.ecorec.gr

The Ecological Recycling Society (ERS) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organisation with over 15 years of experience in implementing sustainable waste management projects in Greece and abroad. The ERS has long-standing environmental education programs both aimed at schools, municipalities and companies. It collaborates closely with the national producer responsibility schemes, many private companies, banks, embassies, etc., for the promotion of recycling and sustainable waste management. The ERS was an official participant in the committee that was set-up by the Ministry for the Environment, Planning and Public Works, for the formulation of legislation on “Alternative Management of Waste Produced by Packaging and Other Products” and now holds a seat on the National Organisation of Alternative Management of Solid Waste, instituted by the national government to monitor the activities on the producer responsibility and to insure that they are in line with the national waste management legislation.

Recent European projects implemented by ERS are:

  • LIFE04ENV04/ENV/PT/716 “Starting with the Promotion of the IPP Approach in Mediterranean Countries”,
  • LIFE06/ENV/GR/000375 “GREENBanking4Life” that aims on the overall improvement of the environmental performance of a major Greek bank, and
  • LIFE07/ENV/GR/000271 “The development of Pay As You Throw systems in Hellas, Estonia and Cyprus (HEC-PAYT)”.

ERS is the MARE project’s co beneficiary which will be mainly involved in the dissemination activities and environmental dimension of the project. Moreover, ERS’s goal is to promote the sustainable management of waste lube oils and petroleum residues through the project’s dissemination tasks. ERS will try to align all stakeholders on the objectives of this project, in order to help remove the obstacles and promote the environmental technology. ERS, with its long experience in EU projects and as a member of European networks (Rreuse, ACR+) will prepare a review and analysis of practices at a European and National level. ERS will investigate and produce a report on the job-creation opportunities that will arise from the development of the environmental practice. ERS will assess the environmental impacts of different similar practices in EU and produce a code of good / environmental sound practices. ERS will evaluate the new practices, processes, products, technologies and services required for the development of an environmental sound management of waste oils and petroleum residues in Greece. Finally, ERS will prepare the Environmental Assessment Study and a report of the project’s monitoring indicators.