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Key Results and Main Achievements

Key results and main achievements of the ELINA project include:

  • The production of a detailed catalogue of quantities and sources of WO&PR produced in Greece from the shipping sector and industrial sectors.
  • A very significant level of sampling and the identification of the chemical composition of WO&PR produced from 604 sources in Greece.  Among other things, it was concluded that WO&PR sometimes are mixed with WLO on ships.
  • The collection and regeneration of 7.236 tones of WO&PR from 487 locations in Greece.
  • The pilot implementation and demonstration of a source separation scheme for WO&PR and WLO generated on two of ANEK’s high speed ferries (HELLENIC SPIRIT and OLYMPIC CHAMPION).
  • The pilot dehydration / concentration of WO&PR on-board and thus, the delivery of less waste to Port Authorities.
  • The publication of 4.000 copies of a Green Practices Guide and additional 300 copies of the three (3) short versions (Green Practice Guide for WLO, for WO&PR from Ships and for WO&PR from Industries).
  • A detailed list of the EU and national legislative framework that regulates the management of WO&PR and WLO. Furthermore, the legislative review was extended in order to include International and national naval laws and conventions that deal with the WO&PR management.
  • The realization of 6 stakeholder forum meetings for the strengthening of national producer responsibility legislation in this field. Representatives from at least 100 stakeholders participated in 6 meetings.
  • The cataloguing of existing infrastructures for the environmentally sound and certified processing of WO&PR including proposals for expanding/ improving those infrastructure.
  • The creation of a data base of 1.128 stakeholders.